Counseling is available online!

Counseling in your own home, office, or on vacation.

It is 100% confidential, encrypted, and tailored for you.

When online counseling burst onto the scene, we had a lot of skepticism as to whether it would be as effective for the client.

As the technology evolved, we began to educate ourselves and have become a fan. We began to appreciate the ease and support it has given many of our clients.

Support at your fingertips, when you need it.

We will never forget one of our first online clients who was going to a family funeral and needed additional support. She was so stricken with grief and anxiety that she couldn’t get herself out of the house.

We set up an online session and within the hour we had found the inner resources necessary for her to join her family and community in processing her loss.

Since then we have had many online clients that prefer the options due to their lifestyles.

Get the precise care that’s right for you.

You are able use go to a web address on your phone, tablet, or computer to get support when and wherever you want it. Studies show positive client outcomes whether utilizing online or face-to-face counseling.

You have the option to request online counseling any time. Some days we feel exhausted, our children get sick or rain is pouring, and we worry about driving. So, you can now alleviate worry with online counseling.

Your comfort, safety, and confidentiality are our top priorities.

Payment is accepted as if you were a client who came in-person to the office. As in our office, simply place a card on file with my encrypted online platform, and payment will be secure and seamless.

Sessions are full-length, and you get what you’d expect if you were a client in-person.

Learn more about how online counseling will help you.

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