Individual Counseling

The struggle is real.

But it can difficult to put it into words. Instead of opening up to our loved ones, we lock it away and suffer.

Meanwhile, we find a thousand things everyone else should change or busy ourselves trying to please others.

The voice inside constantly criticized you, making you feel “not good enough” – your thoughts, behavior, relationships, and self-esteem, these are such private facets of your being. Where can you turn to take care of YOU?

Individual counselling focuses directly on your journey.

Francine knew she had to make changes in her marriage and was genuinely wanting to improve her relationship.

She wanted her husband Fred to be part of the counseling. She had been asking him to go into counseling for the last six months, but Fred consistently refused.

We counseled Francine to focus on herself and just let him be for a while.

Our counseling sessions focus on solutions.

Francine learned to be the change she wanted to see first – to inspire by example. The energy Francine was now putting into herself created space for Fred to choose to change. That is the primary way any change happens.

We will help you examine any personal or interpersonal challenges that may be present in your life.

The goal is to help you examine your current concerns and challenges, finding helpful solutions throughout that process. By focusing on solutions, you create change, which acts as a catalyst to discovering new meaning and purpose for living.

Permission to focus on yourself

You may feel like you need to make a change, but you may also feel like you don’t know where to start.
We are here to guide you toward developing the tools you need to address your unique concerns and get you back on the path you were meant to follow.

It is possible for you to develop stronger, healthier relationships, better manage anxiety, and navigate work, family, relationships and life in general more effectively.

Deny yourself no longer!

No matter what you’re confronting, there’s no reason for you to feel like you’re doing it alone.
With the support and guidance that counseling provides, what at first seemed like an insurmountable problem will be transformed into a challenge to be met and overcome.

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