Family Counseling

Your family dinner needs a ceasefire

Regular breakdowns in communication cause emotions to flare out of control. A chaos of insults and crosstalk ensues.

The continued conflict leads to disconnection, decreased empathy and escalated tension within the home.

Everyone retreats to their corners and the house becomes a tense stalemate.

Every family experiences conflict.

Judy and Bob had finally gotten the jobs of their dreams. Both kids were in high school and each had sporting events, homework and lots of chores that needed to be completed around the house before they could attend the water polo games and track meets.

This meant more driving for mom and dad. Judy would finish work calls while getting dinner on the table and yelling at the kids to finish their chores, all before landing in bed exhausted. Bob went to the bar with his buddies and came home late. This started to become a routine.

Sam the oldest son was starting to stay out with his friends and came home smelling like alcohol the weekend before our first family session.

Want to experience a more fulfilling home life?

Judy and Bob took the leap with family therapy and were given the tools to communicate, the strategies to negotiate, and information to support family connection.

During our sessions together, the family members were able to clarify their roles in the unit and find the trust to ask for what they needed.

The tensions eased. The kids felt free to explore their world and were motivated to excel. Bob and Judy discovered a deeper level of partnership to support one other in their careers, share the responsibilities at home, and protect their intimacy as couple.

After all, living together will create tension along the way.

Through the counseling process your family will learn to use coping strategies and healthy communication patterns to handle conflict and change within the family unit.

When we work with families, we aim to clarify family roles, increase understanding and encourage adaptable behaviors among family members.

Family counseling examines the dynamics of a family unit as a system of individuals. Ultimately, one family member’s choices will impact the rest.

Don’t settle into silence.

Get your family talking again.

Receive the support and resources that will strengthen and encourage all family members, so each one feels safe and confident working on family problems together.