Divorce Counseling and Recovery

Wide-eyed and white-knuckled

Walking away from the one you used to call your best friend, you might feel lost or confused, betrayed, afraid – in a deep well of sadness with no bottom.

Divorce is known to be one of the most significant life stressors that any of us will ever encounter.

The intense emotion of the events and discussions related to separation and divorce can make it almost impossible for a couple to navigate alone.

A voice of sanity

As raw as your emotions may feel right now, we want to give you hope and tell you that it won’t always hurt this much

But it’s important that you honor your grief. It’s a life-changing event, and it deserves respect.

With the right help and a good support system, you can learn to ride the emotional waves a bit easier. You can steady the overwhelm and begin to feel more grounded.

Someone to lean on

When couples decide that it is time to move on from a current relationship, there can be many things to consider.

Relationships usually begin gradually, problems arise over time, and yet when we decide that ending a relation is imminent, many of us feel as though we need to move as quickly as possible.

Separation and divorce are often more successful, for all concerned, when they unfold over months, not weeks. There will be greater understanding of what happened along the way and helps to lay the foundation for future relationships on a more solid footing.

Specialized Divorce Services

Discernment counseling

There’s a critical moment when you and your partner will make a decision about the future of your relationship – a fork in the road, so to speak.

You will want to weight the pros and cons of reconciling, taking a break in separation, or pursuing a path toward divorce. We help couples identify their problems and discuss what would need to be different in order for them to work through these issues.

Sometimes people have a fantasy that divorce will offer them more freedom and fewer problems.

However, the reality of divorce can mean that kids struggle, parents have less freedom as they function as a single parent, and they have more problems as they have less income and more responsibility.

When we meet, we make sure people know what they are getting into if they are getting divorced. Meanwhile, they try to keep an honest discussion going about what they are in for if they stay married as well.

Discernment counseling is not for couples where there is a threat of domestic violence in the relationship or undue pressure applied from one spouse to another to participate.

High Conflict Divorce Counseling

The High conflict divorce counseling creates a war that is costly and damaging to you, your partner and any children involved. In order to see the opportunities in something as tragic as a divorce you will need a level head. While friends and family may love you, you definitely need objectivity to stay out of the power struggles that the controlling person can create in a high conflict divorce.

It is not easy to take the high road in these kinds of situations. Regardless of what you lose in the way of material goods or even psychological status in your community, trust that taking the high road means that you and your children will be able to sleep soundly at night.

The gift to yourself and your family is to walk away from these Divorce Wars with your integrity and compassion intact. We are here to navigate you and your family through this passage of time so you can come out the other side.

Let’s see how we can best support you.

Counseling through a divorce is essential to the well-being of your family.

It can mean the difference between suffering, becoming resentful and stuck – or – healing and embracing life, love and joy again.