Unsure how you got here

Unsure where to go next

Keep reading to learn how you can get back on track.

Individual Therapy in Encinitas, CA

Disoriented and Drifting Through Your Life

Every morning you wake up wondering how you got here.

Day after day, you drag yourself off to perform your duties.

In the evening you return to the same unfulfilled existence.

Trudging Along This Path Will Only Bring More Misery

Eventually, your relationships will wither, your performance at work will plummet, and your health will suffer.

Battered into a defensive position, it’s all you can do to cling to the few sources of pleasure you have left.

But now, the very behaviors that bring you relief (binge watching and doom scrolling) are only making things worse.

You Don’t Have to Do This Alone

With the right help you can develop the tools to live a happy and rewarding life.

Feel at home in your relationships, excited by your job, and thrilled by your life.

Do you remember what it is like to feel happy?

Can you imagine hope for your future?

If Not, Now Is the Time to Get the Support You Deserve

It is common to feel painful emotions during transitions.

You might feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or depressed, but when you reach out to us you’ll immediately feel the support of empathetic and attentive professionals.

Whatever the problem is, we can help bring clarity and direction to the truth that is already inside you.

We’re On Your Side

You’re tired of suffering and don’t know where else to turn.

Every day you’re faced with important decisions to make and you need an objective and confidential sounding board.

If high anxiety and depression obstruct your path forward, you need someone with the skill and sensitivity to help you navigate this next phase of life.

Meaning and Purpose are Within Your Reach

By identifying the patterns that keep you stuck and developing the skills to clear your path, you can find the solutions you seek.

They may be much closer than you think.

Don’t waste another second suffering like this. You were meant for better.

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