Addiction Counseling

Walking the long, lonely road of addiction.

When you’re hooked, you need the fix like your life depended on it. Without it, you’re frustrated, stressed, and miserable. You’ll sacrifice anything to get relief. Pretty soon everything else is gone, leaving you alone with your addiction.

Addictive behavior applies to a broad spectrum of substances and behaviors, including alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, eating, Internet use, and video games.

It’s not the method of the addiction, but the underlying hurt and sense of disconnect that needs to be addressed. This is what makes someone reach for a better feeling.

John was stuck.

He was trying to give up smoking but couldn’t get past the emotional need for a cigarette. In the past, he had been sent to counseling for smoking marijuana. He described that drug as being the only thing that made him feel good.

When that option was taken away from him, he couldn’t believe it. He said to his parents, “You’re taking away the only thing that makes me want to live?”

When John committed to doing the work, he was able to learn techniques that enabled him to immediately regain his sense of self and personal empowerment.

He was able to neutralize the effects of the emotional response and brings his brain into an empowered state. In this empowered state, there was no need for the dopamine hit. He could quickly regain his sense of relaxation and ease without reaching for a smoke.

I can help you navigate the maze back to life.

I have over 20 years of experience giving guidance to individuals with addictive behaviors.

In counseling, I will look at a person’s motivation to change.

In the first stages, we examine the growth of the addictive behavior over time. From there, we connect it to triggers, cravings, family history, past trauma, and learn techniques and support to replace the addiction.

After this process, we develop a treatment plan. Each clinical model I use is meant to support you as you reach your goals for change. If I think a higher level of care is needed, like residential treatment or day treatment, I will provide referrals for the best options available.

If you or someone you love is battling addiction.

Don’t wait for it to get worse.

Urgency is key and time is of the essence.

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