Everyone Experiences Life Challenges

Many people are walking through life wondering how to get through the next day.

They feel the need to find strength, stability, and happiness again in their lives.

“I’ll do anything to stop feeling so disconnected and isolated.”

You’re desperate to fix your relationships or find love.

More than anything you want to fall back in love with your life again.

And that’s an inside job.

You Don’t Have to Do it Alone

This is a journey that will bring you into deeper connection with yourself and your surroundings.

Something has brought things to a head and it is time to lean into this challenge.

Make the decision to take the first step in your journey back to you.

Our office is a place for you to feel relaxed, secure, and safe.

When you are handed everything you thought you wanted in life, but still feel isolated and alone, those feelings can be overwhelming. When you are going through a difficult transition, life can feel like it will break you.

You deserve to be treated with kindness, care, and respect. These are the ingredients that develop a strong connection to work together.

This deep connection of respect and trust anchors the exploration and discovery.

Life is All About Relationships

We can help you create a safe place to explore how to be your true self.

Our greatest teaching moments happened in the school of life.

We have had to traverse our own loss and grief through life which has enabled us to be an unparalleled support to our clients. We’ve helped our clients learn how to navigate the challenges of starting a family, getting divorced, the death of loved ones, and all of life’s transitions.

In working together, we cultivate growth by understanding the obstacles that you face and developing the tools for creating loving relationships and feeling more connected to life.

We’ve worked in inpatient, outpatient, and residential treatment programs, in addition to having developed and managed clinical programs, provided clinical supervision, in-services for staff and interns, and provided trainings throughout the county.

Having a background as a clinician and hospice director has a given us a unique perspective on the healthcare system.

A Little About Jacqueline

Over the years, I’ve continued to find success in helping people feel comfortable and cared for through some of the darkest hours in their lives.

I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified RLT Therapist who has been practicing for over 30 years, utilizing Relational Life Therapy (RLT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and an Attachment-Based couples’ approach (EFT).

These approaches have allowed clients to address the past and focus on the future in a systematic and straightforward way.

I’m a therapist, wife, daughter, mother, and regular person who likes going to the movies, walking on the beach, and loves hiking outdoors.


A Little About Mike

For years, I have been helping couples deepen their relationships and gain insights on the subconscious patterns running in the background of their lives.

I am an RLT Certified Relational Coach who is passionate about supporting others to enrich their lives through a better understanding of themselves and their relationships.

By developing the client’s bond with themself and teaching relational tools, they bring even more themselves to, and improve, every relationship in their life.

I am a husband, and father who loves hiking in nature, cooking, travel. When I’m not with clients you will likely find me outdoors with my family.


A Little About Trish

I facilitate the growth and transformation of individuals and couples, helping them move from suffering into the life they choose.

I received my master’s in Counseling at Palo Alto University. As part of my master’s program, I completed advanced training in grief and couples counseling. Little did I know that I would experience my own loss and grief with the unexpected death of my husband.

This has only made me more resilient, compassionate, and available to support people through their own life transitions.

When I am not working, I love dancing, riding my bike, doing Yoga, and creating art.

Let us help you love the life you’re living and build a life you love.

Let’s join forces to discover what’s holding you back and get you the tools to break through.

We are here to support you through your darkest moments and on your way to your greatest achievements.

Call (619) 246-9129 today to find out if we’re the right fit for you.