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What Does a Relationship Counselor Do?

Your first thought is probably that a relationship counselor helps you with your spouse or significant other. But if you think about it, you have relationships in many areas of your life, not just family, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances.

What about your relationship to your life’s work, your finances, yourself? And of course, your spiritual relationship.

Death, divorce, job stress, and bad choices can build up until you feel completely broken down.

Relationship counseling can help you get back on your feet, remember what it means to trust yourself, and bring excitement, joy, and purpose to every connection in your life.

Do You Find Yourself:

  • Yelling at the ones you love? There is a way to gain control and calm down.
  • Stuck in a rut? There is a way to get your life flowing again.
  • Keeping it all inside? There are ways to communicate and be heard.
  • Feeling distant from your partner? There are ways to reignite passion and love!

Life Can Be Challenging

We all have a story that is scarred with deeply significant events that have changed us. Learning how to heal and get through the tough times is not the same process for everyone.

You as an individual must discover how to get past the blame, guilt and helplessness that has sucked all the love out of your relationships.

Return to Love and Life with Simple Solid Solutions

You can put into practice new habits and create a life you love again. You can heal from devastating losses and build a solid foundation for your life.

It takes patience, commitment, and a willingness to do the work, and let someone help you. Listen to Sally and David’s story for example.

Sally & David

Sally was a new mother struggling in the aftermath of a very traumatic birth experience. While trying to process this event her mother died unexpectedly. She became withdrawn and anxious and certain that more disaster was in store for her family.

She felt frozen in a place that would never again resemble the happy world that existed before she lost her mother. Sally’s husband David encouraged her to come see me so that together we could navigate through the pain and tragedy.

Learning how to move through these feelings of sadness and fear helped Sally and David re-build a life that was more balanced, more joyous, and full of possibility. A year after her mother passed away Sally and David were able to travel to Europe for a romantic anniversary getaway with a new appreciation for life that deepened their relationship even more.

You have everything you need inside you. Our work together can reveal your true strength and lead to healing and living a life you may not have dreamed was possible.

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Hi, I’m Jacqueline Rasmussen

You deserve a life of happiness and joy. You are not broken, and you don’t need to be fixed. Stress, loss, and isolation can make you feel disconnected and unable to be your best self.

You can learn a new way to navigate the challenges of your current relationships and stay grounded during any storm, and you don’t have to do it alone. Together we can explore your past and present and develop a strategy for creating a life you love.

Every moment is precious, so let’s start focusing on you, today.

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